KYEVALUKI school, Not Cool

Today morning,  on 17th of Feb, some black wave swept the vestibunes and corridors of Kyevaluki After people woke to find leaflets discarded within and without kyevaluki market sending an advisory caution to the Principal and the deputy Principal to vacate the institution within 72hours.(Three days) failure to which,  unbearable repercussions would follow. 

The note stipulates clearly that the seng message was not by an individual but rather the entire community. 

Key aspect allegedly brought about by the note was that the Principal and probably the aforementioned were in a helter skelter business of swidling the school and supposedly siphoning moneys at expense of students’ primary motivation. The better word used in this note was “GOLD-DIGGING”.

“The gold you are digging in our school at the expense of out children must stop. HII SHULE SI YA MA…. ”
Following this “community’s”  voice, it was clearly pointed out that the aforesaid have been bribing the county and sub-county directors in move to bar any possible transfers made for the duo from the school.  

The main background inspiration to all these roars is primarily said to be the worsening perfomance of this once an indomitable  school. 

The today’s least expected happening has caught the community,  administration and  main stream media attention.  Much more to follow. 

My GOOD MP Can Sort Doctors


The last time I saw my  GOOD MP in the Parliament taking part in a bill was barely two months after March of 2013. For once in his strength stood to fight for MPs’ salary increment, indeed, wazee waheshimu, the bill went through in his favour.  

This is the only single time My GOOD kangundo MP ‘made law’ as obligated to him by the mighty constitution.

Smiling in his sweet Xtrail Nissan, my GOOD MP awaits to go home in a sharp smile in his face with a retirement benefit (kiinua mgongo) of 6.7M after his 5 years of GOOD service.


1. Who is making laws for kangundo people and representing them in the national assembly?

2. Does representation mean availability in parliament buildings?

3. If 6.7M shall be pocketed by MPs including my GOOD MP for what he did in 2013,  SHOULD DOCTORS LACK coins they are seeking ?

4. If MP stood for MPs salary increment and it happened, why can’t he stand with the age respect he commands and savage the doctors’ fate?


KANGUNDO MP loots 16.8M

Not long ago I wrote on the fishy swindle business happening in Kangundo CDF
and other offices under care of MY GOOD MP.
The truth remains, truth remains.

A while not long ago, I posed a big question touching on why we no more have signboards


indicating the amount spent on various projects done with taxpayers’ moneys in Kangundo. This has been the way,  truth and light. These were the old good days when a classroom was constructed at a price of not more than 400,000/=. When a class cost shot to 0.8M, not even 5k was left to meet cost for a simple signboard.

It is a worry when my good MP goes round the 4 wards building classes while in real sense Kangundo has no problem with classrooms. The main underlying reason been, THE PROJECTS’ BENEFICIARIES. Word has it that he is the sole supplier of materials of all projects being done, his lorries are used for ferrying the materials, his buddies are the contractors and bidding of contracts is a statement found in an office labeled “kangundo archives”.

Despite been part of the commission formed to investigate graft under parliament public service, kangundo good MP is not left out as usual in the list of public funds looters. It is a double tragedy, double shame and double worry to Kangundoan to have there money of their funds going in one master’s pocket.



Katatha Maweu features clearly in the latest  list of MPs looting public funds having siphoned 16.8M.
How many children could these money sponsor their education?
How many Hospitals could be funded with medicine with these amount?
How many roads could be upgraded with this amount?
How many needy college students could be assisted with bursaries from this amount?


The not expected KCPE results were released yesterday. This was a good gesture displayed by the Education CS Dr.Fred Matiang’i and His co-worker the PS Belio Kipsang.


Few years ago, when Kangundo used to be a giant in the education woods, the most awaited thing after Christmas festivities was the KCPE results. Everyone knew that the giant would definitely jump roaring in jubilation.
Schools like #Kangundo_DEB and #Kakuyuni_AIC primary school used to shine bright in academic glory.

Not long later, the least expected became obvious,heaven broke loose, and here we are.

Last year I did a write up showing how my #GOODMP had had bull parties with a number of schools celebrating ‘victory’ of the highest score (in the schools he threw party for) of 259 marks.

24hrs later after release of the results, the publicized  results are  yet private in the larger Kangundo. Not that they never received their marks, but because #Bora Matokeo sio Motokeo bora.

This happens after millions have been spent in building of classrooms to pupils who study in quality classrooms already.

DOES Kangundo need classrooms or hygiene motivation to both learners and students?
Shall we sit back and celebrate bull parties with our students scoring 25X marks not because they are fools but because somebody doesn’t mind their future and academic good?

#Nyala and #Mbwika regimes are desired.


Kangundo MP. .....OK

53 years down the line, since independence, kangundo stood the best position to be the epitome and centre of developmental reference. Being 69.8km from Nairobi CBD and part of Nairobi metropolitan, having the best climate, producing the best coffee, producing the best fruits, being a home of sand and construction stones, Kangundo seems still to wallow in a dungeon of political helter skelter and infancy characterised by leadership paraplegia.

#53_years, citizens are still dangled a carrot  and lured to vote in “Politicians in leaders’ positions”. It is  sorry a situation when politicians who purport to fight to retain their seats do anything to cliche to power.

After apparent political temperature rise, reliable sources are squirting allegedly  reliable information that the incumbent kangundo MP together with one of his close acquaintancestar who is aspiring for MCA in one of the four  kangundo wards upon sensing defeat have resulted to resort in importing voters from Kitui. Reports have it that so  far 1800 voters have been imported to vote in kangundo in favour of the two.
Rose image

the new kangundo politics entrant and the already branded “GAME CHANGER” is said to be the underlying force and call for all these acrobatics.  Reliably, she is so far rated among the best doing aspirants in kangundo and the most sparkling performer in kangundo.

If in you is a conviction that your own people can’t trust you with leadership, what should we expect from you two?


Your Life Is Shaped By Your Thoughts
By Rick Warren


“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts” (Proverbs 4:23 TEV).

God is far more interested in changing your mind than changing your circumstances.

We want God to take away all of the problems, pain, sorrow, suffering, sickness, and sadness. But God wants to work on you first, because transformation won’t happen in your life until you renew your mind, until your thoughts begin to change.

Why is it so important that you learn how to manage your mind? Let me give you three reasons.

Manage your mind, because your thoughts control your life.
Proverbs 4:23 says, “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts”(TEV). The power of your thoughts has tremendous ability to shape your life for good or for bad. For example, maybe you accept the thought someone told you when you were growing up, “You’re worthless. You don’t matter.” If you accepted that thought, even though it was wrong, it shaped your life.

Manage your mind, because the mind is the battleground for sin.
All temptation happens in the mind. Paul says in Romans 7:22-23, “I love to do God’s will so far as my new nature is concerned; but there is something else deep within me, in my lower nature, that is at war with my mind and wins the fight and makes me a slave to the sin that is still within me. In my mind I want to be God’s willing servant, but instead I find myself still enslaved to sin”(TLB).

One of the reasons why you get mentally fatigued is because there’s a battle in your brain 24 hours a day. It’s debilitating because it’s intense, and it’s intense because your mind is your greatest asset. Satan wants your greatest asset!

Manage your mind, because it’s the key to peace and happiness.
An unmanaged mind leads to tension. A managed mind leads to tranquility. An unmanaged mind leads to conflict. A managed mind leads to confidence. An unmanaged mind leads to stress. When you don’t try to control your mind and the way you direct your thoughts, you will have an enormous amount of stress in your life. But a managed mind leads to strength and security and serenity.

“Letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace”(Romans 8:6NLT, second edition).

Talk It OverWhat do you fill your mind with that pleases God? What do you fill your mind with that disappoints God?How do you practice managing your mind?What role does Scripture play in managing your mind?


The late Dr Myles Munroe was a man of wisdom.


He was once quoted as saying:

I was born poor, sleeping on the floor with cockroaches and rats. Today, I own my own jet. Everything I have is paid for. I am debt free; I open new businesses every year and mentor many people,”

Myles Munroe strongly discouraged the reliance on Government for jobs, describing it as ‘lazy thinking.’“There is no such thing as unemployment in the world. What you call unemployment is what I call lazy thinking,” he says.“The work of government is not to create jobs, but to create an environment for people to develop their own work,” he asserts.

Munroe discourages employed professionals against relying solely on their jobs for income, urging them to instead create wealth using their unique talents. He also challenges aspiring entrepreneurs to develop and refine their expertise in a talent, idea, service or body of
knowledge.When you refine your gift in an area, you become valuable; people seek you out and pay you,

Munroe said setting principles is the first step towards achieving success for any budding entrepreneur. “I will never be poor again because I have learnt the principles of business,” he asserts.“I can say without a doubt that what I have accomplished is based on principles passed on to me by my parents. You should never build your life on facts or techniques because these often become obsolete,” he cautions.“For you to survive today, you must accept the reality of partnerships. If someone emerges as my competition today, I am not supposed to kill them, but marry them,” he states.“Do not curse a crisis; use it. Every business is a solution to a crisis. Develop the capacity to solve a problem and you will become a successful entrepreneur.”


1. Understand crisis and use it to solve a problem. Every business is a response to a problem.
2. Initiate something; do not wait for things to be done.
3. Identify and refine your talent, skill, idea, service or knowledge to create wealth.
4. Whatever makes you angry, you must solve it.
5. Poverty is not the lack of money, but the lack of ideas.
6. God does not give cash, but ideas on how to create wealth.
7. Be in control of your mind, thoughts,  perception and mentality to respond to change.
8. Be keen and take advantage of changes brought about by technology and globalisation.
9. Leave your legacy, but in the people you train, not in products or buildings.
10. Every human being was born with a
treasure. Your greatest secret to success lies in discovering your treasure.