Here are somebody’s
words for their better marrriages. Love is a choice, not emotions. One chooses to love or grow affectionate. It hardly comes by a chance. However, getting married makes you no less vulnerable to Funny love Circles, you will always meet someone better looking, more beautiful, handsome, richer, taller and
stronger than your spouse and yes, you can’t control that. GUYS, getting married hardly quarantines you from meeting these sweet female friend- ma freeze and shines, THANK GOD, they are not necessarily better
than your wife at all. They are just sexually
available and romantically ready. If you are a player lacking opportunity, sorry but you are in for it. These ‘dellilaic’ chics have the best words for the itching ears, they display everything in daylight. Not to suit the weather, but to inform you of what you seem not to know. MY DRESS MY CHOICE is the newest slogan in the town. When you get married, the only thing
that keeps you married is the DECISION YOU MAKE. You
have chosen him or her out of millions and
decided to marry him or her which is final. Getting married isn’t a repellent against you former EXs.
They have not given up yet.
That young lady meets you and ask you “is
your wife pleasing you?” That’s time to run
LOL. If you have to talk, paint your spouse the most valued element, in fact gotten from Jupiter and no other available. Remember, the marriage ring cannot
protect you from guys, you know that. The
guys at the street don’t want your ring, they
want you, but you already got your choice. So
we should always stand by the choice we made
because some people biggest dreams is others`
biggest reality. #Timothymakasa

Call to EACC against Katatha (kangundo MP) 

Rounding the community radio and TV station yesterday and today is news about the exposed corrupt deals strike by kangundo MP katatha MP in Conjunction with his PA Sam Muoma who is also said to be running for Kangundo Central MCA

This news features a letter done to Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission calling for due measures taken against the MP for a number of Allegations. Key ones spotted include:-

  • 1. Tenders

Previously,  it has been alleged that Kangundo MP hardly puts his tenders in public and even if he does,  he already knows the winners.  He reportedly advertises the tenders for legality and formality. 

It is evidently pointed that only 4 companies benefits From the same and he has some close attachments to the company owners if he isn’t the owner. 


IN the letter,  it was pointed that he majors only on construction developments even when the constructions have no tangible value. The provided reason was that he runs a query where all  construction stones are bought. HIS LORRIES are the only means of transportation allowed to ferry all the construction Materials.

3. Bursaries 

In Kangundo,  Bursaries are a right for the MP’s buddies and the rich. Rumors has it that her wife is a key player in the issuance of bursaries and the forms are usually distributed home to home in the night,  targeting specifics who are politically affiliated to him or he does to woo to his camp. Reports point out that some of his allies scoop as much as 50k. 

 A lot was featured and slot is being said concerning one Katatha Maweu .

It is quite a sorry state in Kangundo where the boss adversities tenders to himself,  wins himself and pays himself. 

In last year December,  th  very MP was featured in the auditor General’s report as a culprit of misappropriation after it was confirmed that he looted his people 16.8M that can’t be accounted for.  

Kikondeni bridge (swept in two months time)  is said to have cost taskpayers 7M after auditing confirmed that the shoddy job could cost at most 2M. 

KYEVALUKI school, Not Cool

Today morning,  on 17th of Feb, some black wave swept the vestibunes and corridors of Kyevaluki After people woke to find leaflets discarded within and without kyevaluki market sending an advisory caution to the Principal and the deputy Principal to vacate the institution within 72hours.(Three days) failure to which,  unbearable repercussions would follow. 

The note stipulates clearly that the seng message was not by an individual but rather the entire community. 

Key aspect allegedly brought about by the note was that the Principal and probably the aforementioned were in a helter skelter business of swidling the school and supposedly siphoning moneys at expense of students’ primary motivation. The better word used in this note was “GOLD-DIGGING”.

“The gold you are digging in our school at the expense of out children must stop. HII SHULE SI YA MA…. ”
Following this “community’s”  voice, it was clearly pointed out that the aforesaid have been bribing the county and sub-county directors in move to bar any possible transfers made for the duo from the school.  

The main background inspiration to all these roars is primarily said to be the worsening perfomance of this once an indomitable  school. 

The today’s least expected happening has caught the community,  administration and  main stream media attention.  Much more to follow. 

My GOOD MP Can Sort Doctors


The last time I saw my  GOOD MP in the Parliament taking part in a bill was barely two months after March of 2013. For once in his strength stood to fight for MPs’ salary increment, indeed, wazee waheshimu, the bill went through in his favour.  

This is the only single time My GOOD kangundo MP ‘made law’ as obligated to him by the mighty constitution.

Smiling in his sweet Xtrail Nissan, my GOOD MP awaits to go home in a sharp smile in his face with a retirement benefit (kiinua mgongo) of 6.7M after his 5 years of GOOD service.


1. Who is making laws for kangundo people and representing them in the national assembly?

2. Does representation mean availability in parliament buildings?

3. If 6.7M shall be pocketed by MPs including my GOOD MP for what he did in 2013,  SHOULD DOCTORS LACK coins they are seeking ?

4. If MP stood for MPs salary increment and it happened, why can’t he stand with the age respect he commands and savage the doctors’ fate?


KANGUNDO MP loots 16.8M

Not long ago I wrote on the fishy swindle business happening in Kangundo CDF
and other offices under care of MY GOOD MP.
The truth remains, truth remains.

A while not long ago, I posed a big question touching on why we no more have signboards


indicating the amount spent on various projects done with taxpayers’ moneys in Kangundo. This has been the way,  truth and light. These were the old good days when a classroom was constructed at a price of not more than 400,000/=. When a class cost shot to 0.8M, not even 5k was left to meet cost for a simple signboard.

It is a worry when my good MP goes round the 4 wards building classes while in real sense Kangundo has no problem with classrooms. The main underlying reason been, THE PROJECTS’ BENEFICIARIES. Word has it that he is the sole supplier of materials of all projects being done, his lorries are used for ferrying the materials, his buddies are the contractors and bidding of contracts is a statement found in an office labeled “kangundo archives”.

Despite been part of the commission formed to investigate graft under parliament public service, kangundo good MP is not left out as usual in the list of public funds looters. It is a double tragedy, double shame and double worry to Kangundoan to have there money of their funds going in one master’s pocket.



Katatha Maweu features clearly in the latest  list of MPs looting public funds having siphoned 16.8M.
How many children could these money sponsor their education?
How many Hospitals could be funded with medicine with these amount?
How many roads could be upgraded with this amount?
How many needy college students could be assisted with bursaries from this amount?


The not expected KCPE results were released yesterday. This was a good gesture displayed by the Education CS Dr.Fred Matiang’i and His co-worker the PS Belio Kipsang.


Few years ago, when Kangundo used to be a giant in the education woods, the most awaited thing after Christmas festivities was the KCPE results. Everyone knew that the giant would definitely jump roaring in jubilation.
Schools like #Kangundo_DEB and #Kakuyuni_AIC primary school used to shine bright in academic glory.

Not long later, the least expected became obvious,heaven broke loose, and here we are.

Last year I did a write up showing how my #GOODMP had had bull parties with a number of schools celebrating ‘victory’ of the highest score (in the schools he threw party for) of 259 marks.

24hrs later after release of the results, the publicized  results are  yet private in the larger Kangundo. Not that they never received their marks, but because #Bora Matokeo sio Motokeo bora.

This happens after millions have been spent in building of classrooms to pupils who study in quality classrooms already.

DOES Kangundo need classrooms or hygiene motivation to both learners and students?
Shall we sit back and celebrate bull parties with our students scoring 25X marks not because they are fools but because somebody doesn’t mind their future and academic good?

#Nyala and #Mbwika regimes are desired.