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Dave and Clara have been
married 4 over nine years
without children. They
stayed with each other
and hoped that they will
have a child before their
10th year of marriage
because they were being
persuaded by family and
some friends to get a
divorce but they couldn’t
let go because of the love
between them.

Months passed…by and
while Dave was returning
from work one day, he
saw his wife walking down
the road with a man and
they looked happy.

Another evening, while
Dave was coming back
from work, he saw the
same man drop her off at
the house. Dave became
angry and sad.

Two days
later, after a hectic day at
work, Dave was taking
water with a glass jug
when the phone rang. He
picked it up and the
person said ‘hello dear, I’ll
be coming to your house
this evening to see you as
promised. I hope …..’’
and then Dave hung up the

It was a male
voice. He was sure the
person was the man he
had seen with his wife. He
suddenly became shaky
with this thought, ‘’Have i
lost my wife to another
man?’’ At that point, the
glass jug fell from his
hand and shattered into

Then Clara came running
into the room asking, ‘’Is
everything okay?’’ In anger
he gave his wife a push
and she fell. She wasn’t
moving or getting up.

Dave then realised that
she fell where he broke
the glass jug and a large
piece of glass has pierced
her. He felt her breath,
pulse and heartbeat but
there she lay lifeless. His
wife was dead.

In total
confusion, he saw an
envelope in her hand. He
took it, opened it and was
shocked by its content. It
was a letter and it reads:

‘’ My loving husband,
words cannot express
how I feel, so i had to
write it down. I have been
going to see a doctor for
over a week and wanted
to be sure before I give
you the news. The doctor
confirmed it that I am
pregnant with a twin and
our babies are due in 7
months from now.

doctor also happen to be
my long lost brother
whom I lost contact with
after our marriage. He
has promised to take care
of me and our babies and
give us the best without
collecting a dime.

He also
promised to have dinner
with us today. Thanks to
you for standing by
me…… your loving wife.

As the letter fell from
Dave’s hand, there was a
knock at the door and it
was the same man he had
seen with his wife… and
he said ……’’ hello Dave, I
suppose am right, am
Max, your wife’s
brother…..’’And suddenly
he noticed his sister in the
pool of her blood …. he
rushed her to his hospital
but it was too late, his
sister, Dave’s wife was
gone and so were the

In our relationships,
which include our
marriage, we should not
be too quick in reacting
when we haven’t
questioned our partner or
spouse on what we saw
or heard about them.

Communication, Trust and
Patience are rare gifts we
can bring to our

Not everything we see or
hear or believe is right
about them.

And to every man or woman on dis platform, I pray that patience will have her
perfect way in you and you will want nothing because patience is that great virtue you need to keep any relationship working.

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A MUST READ. Secrets to living Long.

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Advice from an 80 year old
1. Have a firm handshake.
2. Look people in the eye.
3. Sing in the shower.
4. Own a great stereo system.
5. If in a fight, hit first and hit hard.
6. Keep secrets.
7. Never give up on anybody.
Miracles happen everyday.
8. Always accept an outstretched
9. Be brave. Even if you’re not,
pretend to be. No one can tell the
10. Whistle.
11. Avoid sarcastic remarks.
12. Choose your life’s mate carefully.
From this one decision will come 90
per cent of all your happiness or
13. Make it a habit to do nice things
for people who will never find out.
14. Lend only those books you never
care to see again.
15. Never deprive someone of hope;
it might be all that they have.
16. When playing games with
children, let them win.
17. Give people a second chance,
but not a third.
18. Be romantic.
19. Become the most positive and
enthusiastic person you know.
20. Loosen up. Relax. Except for rare
life-and-death matters, nothing is as
important as it first seems.
21. Don’t allow the phone to
interrupt important moments. It’s
there for our convenience, not the
22. Be a good loser.
23. Be a good winner.
24. Think twice before burdening a
friend with a secret.
25. When someone hugs you, let
them be the first to let go.
26. Be modest. A lot was
accomplished before you were born.
27. Keep it simple.
28. Beware of the person who has
nothing to lose.
29. Don’t burn bridges. You’ll be
surprised how many times you have
to cross the same river.
30. Live your life so that your
epitaph could read, No Regrets
31. Be bold and courageous. When
you look back on life, you’ll regret
the things you didn’t do more than
the ones you did.
32. Never waste an opportunity to
tell someone you love them.
33. Remember no one makes it
alone. Have a grateful heart and be
quick to acknowledge those who
helped you.
34. Take charge of your attitude.
Don’t let someone else choose it for
35. Visit friends and relatives when
they are in hospital; you need only
stay a few minutes.
36. Begin each day with some of
your favourite music.
37. Once in a while, take the scenic
38. Send a lot of Valentine cards.
Sign them, ‘Someone who thinks
you’re terrific.’
39. Answer the phone with
enthusiasm and energy in your
40. Keep a note pad and pencil on
your bed-side table. Million-dollar
ideas sometimes strike at 3 a.m.
41. Show respect for everyone who
works for a living, regardless of how
trivial their job.
42. Send your loved ones flowers.
Think of a reason later.
43. Make someone’s day by paying
the toll for the person in the car
behind you.
44. Become someone’s hero.
45. Marry only for love.
46. Count your blessings.
47. Compliment the meal when
you’re a guest in someone’s home.
48. Wave at the children on a school
49. Remember that 80 per cent of
the success in any job is based on
your ability to deal with people.
50. Don’t expect life to be fair

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A Generation of Young Christians:


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1. We are always right and we never accept correction. A corrector is seen as an enemy.

2. We love to sing in Church, but do not read our Bibles at home.

3. We are full of lust, sensuality and emotions
and we call it love.

4. We want to have wonderful marriages, but
by the time we are 25 years we’ve already spent almost
ten years in relationships. Sometimes, we may have had more boy lovers and girl lovers than even our parents.

5. Sexual activities are now part of our relationships calling it romance.

6. We want to be rich in life, meanwhile, we spend all our finances on the latest ipads,
iphone, laptops, cameras, smartphones, etc, which in many cases we uses less than 30% of their functions.

7. We do not pay our tithes and offerings claiming we are students.

8. We say we are Christian men & women but dress
like hollywood stars and we call it fashion.

9. We love pleasures rather than God.

10. In Church you will see us with our hands
lifted up singing slow songs which we call
worship but on our phones in our pockets, you
will see pics of naked and half naked women,
hip hop, Antichrist, etc and we have a nice way of
justifying it.

11. We are hardly convicted when we go to Church because our hearts have been hardened
by the deceitfulness of sin and pride.

But God forsaw these and warned us in 2 Timothy 3 That in the last days
men and women will be lovers of themselves,
lovers of money,
disobedient to parents,
without self-control,
despisers of good,
lovers of pleasure rather
than lovers of God,
having a form of godliness
but denying its power.

We need to change our ways, we have no
excuse on judgement day. You can forward if u want to. But I know u wouldn’t  because is not funny.
share Jesus today to save yourself and the world @large

Wambui Felister

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Important information for KCSE 2015 graduates.

Cut-off grade for admission to public universities for KCSE 2015 candidates has been set at B (60 points) for boys and B– (58 points) for girls.

First revision of degree and diploma choices begins on Monday, April 11, 2016 up to Saturday April 30, 2016. Revisions will be done online via the KUCCPS website. Please share widely and kindly help those with technological challenges to revise their choices.

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       The  Bible

1.Be silent In the heat of anger – (Prov 14:17)

2. Be silent When you don’t have all the facts – (Prov 18:13)

3. Be silent When you haven’t verified the story – (Deut 17:6)

4. Be silent If your words will offend a weaker person – (1 Cor 8:11)

5. Be silent When it is time to listen – (Prov 13:1)

6. Be silent when you are tempted to make light of holy things – (Eccl 5:2)

7. Be silent When you are tempted to joke about sin – (Prov 14:9)

8. Be silent If you would be ashamed of your words later – (Prov 8:8)

9. Be silent If your words would convey the wrong impression – (Prov 17:27)

10. Be silent If the issue is none of your business – (Prov 14:10)

11. Be silent When you are tempted to tell an outright lie – (Prov 4:24)

12. Be silent If your words will damage someone else’s reputation – (Pro 16:27)

13. Be silent If your words will damage a friendship – (Prov 16:28)

14. Be silent When you are feeling critical – (Jam 3:9)

15. Be silent If you can’t say it without screaming it – (Prov 25:28)

16. Be silent If your words will be a poor reflection of the Lord or your friends and family – (1 Pe 2:21-23)

17. Be silent If you may have to eat your words later – (Prov 18:21)

18. Be silent If you have already said it more than one time  – (Prov 19:13)

19. Be silent When you are tempted to flatter a wicked person – (Prov 24:24)

20. Be silent When you are supposed to be working instead   – (Prov 14:23)


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I LOVE… Yeah This one


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A 24-year old boy looking out through a train’s window shouted, Dad, look, “the trees are going behind; they are moving very fast” his Dad simply stared at him with so much joy and smiled! A young couple seated nearby looked at the 24-year old and thought to themselves, he’s so grown up but so childish, he must have a mental disorder for his father not to be bothered. Suddenly the young man exclaimed again; Dad, look, “the clouds are running with us” the couple could not resist and said to the old man, why don’t you take your son to a good doctor may be a psychiatrist? The old man smiled and said I just did. We are just coming from a doctor but not a psychiatrist ; we are just coming from the hospital. My son was blind from birth. He just got his sight today for the very first time, his behavior may seem stupid to you, it’s more than a miracle to me. The young couple just sat down there, lost for words with a mixture of tears and shame in their eyes..
Everybody on earth has a story; don’t judge people so fast or jump into conclusion about their private affairs; you don’t know where they are coming from or what they have to deal with.
The truth behind their story might surprise you. Take it easy with others, even if you have a perfect life. Let us keep working towards the good of all.
This story inspired me and I have shared it with you to inspire you too. I hope you will share it to inspire others.

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Today infomacks group officially Launched kyevaluki Redeemed GOSPEL church WEBSITE. The website http://www.rgckyevaluki.org was launched in the church Arena in the gracing of the presiding Pastor REV. Dr. David Mutua Kanyia.

Infomacks company gave this website and others like http://www.uetkenya.org FREE of Charge.
In the same spirit,  we hereby officially promise to give FREE  website to churches and any other non-profit making organization in Kenya and beyond. To qualify for this website,  just go  to our website http://www.infomacks.com and fill a request form for the same.
For more information, contact (+254)718000659, (+254)711715737 or +254728245824

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