I’ve been watching your most recent moves as pinned on FACEBOOk and I must admit, Life is you put it YOLO!

With life been so nice, help me unravel this..

You see, it’s October

2017, and you are not getting any
younger. You have a life ahead of you
and time is wearing out so fast. I have
seen you since the year began, posting your clubbing photos on
Facebook, talking about how the bash rocked, how you wanna get yet another
tattoo, how you want to pierce your
navel, lips, tongue and equivalents.

My dear friend,

that may be fine. But did you realize that time is flying and soon, you’ll be fit for marriage, sooner than you admit, you shall be already late???

Some facts are too deep but must be treated with the importance they carry.


No man wants to date a woman who has
tattooed her body all over. From neck through breasts to unmentionables.

I’ve no problem with your tattoos, but how will
you even breastfeed your child with your “scratched” bosom?

No man
wants to pick you to/from a club, takeyou home and call you his wife. If one so does, chances are that she’ll go back there anytime and any man could as well house her.

On contrary, if he picks you/her out of your mother’s house,
He won’t mind if you go back there when you fall out because he willalways come back for you, out of the love we’ve shared.

You are
always the first to update, “Thank God
it’s Friday(TGIF), leo form ni gani???” You want to rave and celebrate
every Friday. But if I ask you what
exactly you are celebrating, you won’t
even explain. Some will be quick to
say, “I’m celebrating my life.” Does it mean the rest who are not ‘celebrating’ are dead???

If you want to
party every Friday, try and achieve
something every week, that is worth celebrating every Friday. That
reminds me, as you are busy doing the
famous “duck face” pose on Facebook,
someone somewhere is uploading her
graduation photos on the same Facebook. As you are busy
talking about you Bluemoon and famous mzinga,
someone somewhere is talking about
her forthcoming exams and their business deal impending. As you are
busy listening to Beyonce telling you
“dump that broke dude and live
independently as a single lady,” always
remember that she lives in America,
not Africa, and is happily married to
Jay-Z. As you are busy exposing your body on Facebook,

someone is committed to hiding her cute figure in decent clothes, waiting for the right eyes to see the right thing for the right purpose in the right manner.

Before the Next bash, think about time and your future.

Published by Timothy Muli Makasa

TIMOTHY MAKASA is a media practitioner and PR consultant. He is a talented graphics designer and a motivational speaker. ” I’m a mover, dedicated and passionate socialite. I hate poverty and I face every single day with a newer hatred for poverty. I link with everyone to gather enough synergy to fight poverty and encourage self employment


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