Unthankful Visitor

How does it feel when you welcome a visitor to your condominium and suddenly, he/she keeps quiet, stops talking to/with your -the host, stops getting concerned with you? Yet they don’t want to leave…
You try to seduce them to talk, they are busy with their phone. Yes, you welcomed them nicely, but still they are not even concerned with you the host.
Right, they are taking the sweet juice and luscious meals you are serve, but still don’t seem to mind you hosting them. Apparently they are more concerned with their other friends. The ones they passed by as they came to your place..How am I supposed to feel, as the host?

THAT is exactly how God feels when you come to him with a divided mind. He wants to host you with all hospitality, serve you with the best of delicacies, but still you seem careful of other things.
He blesses you but still, you remember how you enjoyed life before you came to him.
He seduces you to talk and have a communication with Him, but you are not ready.

God is good and His Goodness is unmerited, but still, He needs your concentration in His goodness and your input in the friendship. He wants your full attention and that is what makes your relationship merry.

Feel implored

Published by Timothy Muli Makasa

TIMOTHY MAKASA is a media practitioner and PR consultant. He is a talented graphics designer and a motivational speaker. ” I’m a mover, dedicated and passionate socialite. I hate poverty and I face every single day with a newer hatred for poverty. I link with everyone to gather enough synergy to fight poverty and encourage self employment

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