Rest Easily Myles Munroe

It was at 6:47am, a date like today, now three years ago.
The dawn broke as any other , things unfolded as usual until 13min to 7am.

I was in my shop and had just settled and set all the apparels for the day in place to keep my daily activities rolling.

The previous two weeks, I had read a book entitled #REDISCOVERING_FAITH. The very book had taught me a lot and indeed prepared for what I hadn’t known. The author of that very book had typically walked me the salvation, spiritual and professional journey from 2009 through. We had become so close and inseparable. So dear and unavoidable.

Things are set, the shop is tidy and the day is set. I tuned my radio to classic 105. Immediately after the song #Hallelujah by Alexander Burke, Miana Kageni the show host popped with the worst news ever, and this were his exact words, “THE PROMINENT AND PROFICIENT INTERNATIONAL PREACHER AND MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER DR.MYLES MUNROE IS DEAD.” Now this was the shortest horror movie was forced in to watching. I immediately found sat, profusely sweating and the next thing I remember doing , Closing the shop in uncontrollably typical tears.
It was the most expensive news I was forced into believing.

Today marks exactly 3years since your left.
You died yet alive.
You departure yet welcomed,
Thank God you LEFT EMPTY.
Keep resting easily my Mentor Dr. Myles Munroe. I love you so much and Death can’t take away My love for you.

Published by Timothy Muli Makasa

TIMOTHY MAKASA is a media practitioner and PR consultant. He is a talented graphics designer and a motivational speaker. ” I’m a mover, dedicated and passionate socialite. I hate poverty and I face every single day with a newer hatred for poverty. I link with everyone to gather enough synergy to fight poverty and encourage self employment

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