Youths are Jobless, youths are tarmacking, youths are getting hopeless.
A practical situation:
Last month, Tuskys Supermarket advertised for INTERNSHIP opening. Truth has it that they received 20,000+ applicants (Not for jobs, INTERNSHIP).

All these are jobless graduates with papers, where is the hope for the a little not advantaged to have that high education? Their hope is in hopelessness.

I think the time has come for our leaders and more so the youthful leaders and those with youths at heart to talk to youths about WORK not JOB. Encourage Self employment and entrepreneurship.

“In my capacity, I stand to talk of entrepreneurship, I commit to educate youths on ways of/to self employment, I promise to coach a few youths on entrepreneurship skill.”


Published by Timothy Muli Makasa

TIMOTHY MAKASA is a media practitioner and PR consultant. He is a talented graphics designer and a motivational speaker. ” I’m a mover, dedicated and passionate socialite. I hate poverty and I face every single day with a newer hatred for poverty. I link with everyone to gather enough synergy to fight poverty and encourage self employment

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