Call off Meaningless Madaraka; Letter to the President


Mr President, I hope this finds you well and in good health.

Since six in the morning I have been at this small Mbila Market here in Makueni. On my old motorbike longing for a single passenger to come along. It’s 11am now and none has come.

My mouth is still bitter and dry. At home, my kids eagerly await their father to return home with a bite. They had to sleep hungry yesternight after askaris arrested me and demanded Ksh 2000 bribe.

I was left penniless. Helpless. Hopeless.

For the background, I bought this motorbike, courtesy to former President Mwai Kibaki for lowering the taxes. Then business was promising. Fuel was low. Passengers paid without much bargains. Profits were realized. Life was somehow tolerable unlike now.

Mr President, am so sorry should the grim and sordid contents of this letter mess up with your royal appetite today. But they…

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Published by Timothy Muli Makasa

TIMOTHY MAKASA is a media practitioner and PR consultant. He is a talented graphics designer and a motivational speaker. ” I’m a mover, dedicated and passionate socialite. I hate poverty and I face every single day with a newer hatred for poverty. I link with everyone to gather enough synergy to fight poverty and encourage self employment

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