HOPE FOR YOUTHS Youths are Jobless, youths are tarmacking, youths are getting hopeless. A practical situation: Last month, Tuskys Supermarket advertised for INTERNSHIP opening. Truth has it that they received 20,000+ applicants (Not for jobs, INTERNSHIP). All these are jobless graduates with papers, where is the hope for the a little not advantaged to haveContinue reading “YOUTHS IN BUSINESS”

Unthankful Visitor

How does it feel when you welcome a visitor to your condominium and suddenly, he/she keeps quiet, stops talking to/with your -the host, stops getting concerned with you? Yet they don’t want to leave… You try to seduce them to talk, they are busy with their phone. Yes, you welcomed them nicely, but still theyContinue reading “Unthankful Visitor”

Marriage Secret #1

Everyone you marry has a weakness. Only God does not have a weakness. So if you focus on your spouse’s weakness you can’t get the best out of his strength. When you get an opportunity to meet a very wealthy person, never ask for money. Ask for ideas on how to make money. They mayContinue reading “Marriage Secret #1”