PACKAGE 3. TO THE MARRIED AND POTENTIAL COUPLES Here are somebody’s words for their better marrriages. Love is a choice, not emotions. One chooses to love or grow affectionate. It hardly comes by a chance. However, getting married makes you no less vulnerable to Funny love Circles, you will always meet someone better looking, more […]


Did you know that you can make money by just letting somebody click you link? Well, now you should get it right, it`s pretty possible. Thousands of people out there are making money by just share other people`s work in their blogs, websites, social sites, Google etc There are thousands making money in thousands of […]


They say LEADERSHIP AND CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. I used to think that this was right until I confirmed it was indeed true. Puzzlement and dungeon of astonishment blurted me off to hear that an Aspirants eyeing Kangundo MP position who allegedly purports to have colossal of wealth can only afford her only wife a […]