Strange things we do in Africa in the name of “It’s Our Culture

Poor by choice

1. We care more for the dead than we do for the living!

2. We spend more to bury a person than we do to save their life.

3. We will not travel to go see a sick relative but will travel to bury him and/or her

4. People will rarely respect you while alive but will want to “pay their last respects” to your casket.

5. A person may NEVER receive roses in their entire life but they will get lots dumped on their graveyard!

6. We will spend a night at a neighbour’s funeral and it will be our first time to see the inside of their house!

7. No one gives a damn to know your village until you die and they will all fill car after car to “escort” your corpse to the same village

8. We will take the dead to the mosque/temple/church knowing fully well they had nothing to do with worship while alive.

9. We might not have granite tops in our kitchens but use the granite in the graveyard!

10. An entire village might not have a single house with cement floors but the only place with cement will be a graveyard!

We say how dear a person was to us after he died. When he is alive we do not tell him.

It is proposed we have “Cultural Reforms”. We have a culture of “hypocrisy”… a culture that is “Pro-death” and NOT “Pro-life!”
We need to value life BEFORE death…

Money Mistake #3

If you want to save, whenever you receive money, don’t start spending hoping that you’ll save what remains. Normally what remains is zero because as long as money to spend is available, the numerous things you can spend it on are also available. And things to spend on even incite their ‘relatives’ so that you spend even more than you had planned.

When money to spend is not available, we naturally find a way of doing without it. That’s why I’ve learnt to save with an INVESTMENT CLUB. Once I send money there I assume I no longer have it. Before you spend any money, put your savings aside then spend what is left after saving.

Investing mindset

The economic future of every palatable dream is found in investing.
It’s good to be employed, however, never settle for ‘yes sir’ setting. Be there with a futuristic projectile mindset. If you must be employed, please do so ONLY to garner capital for what you have in mind. It doesn’t matter your field of profession, what matters is the field that fills your feelings and mind.

Investing is the future of the world.

Albert Eisteen- the wisest- never appears in the books of ‘who-is-who’ in wealth endowment.

Mark Zuckerberg, the world’s 5th Richest person is a mere Harvard university drop out. This should tell you that with colossal pool of education minus the investing mind, others will invest on you.
Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos (3rd Richest) and equal others use Albert’s concepts who never neared their wealth to make theirs.

I hereby implore you, “invest the little you have for the much you want.”
#Money is not evil until an evil mind lusts for it.

Money Mistake #2

Never spend money you haven’t received. Don’t even promise someone money based on a promise you have from someone else. If someone tells you: “Ezra, come to my office tomorrow at 9am and pick #30K”don’t go out to buy items on credit based on this promise, with the hope that you will pay off your creditor when the promised money comes; it may not come as promised and this will leave you in problems with your creditors.

Lake Nakuru Crush

Efforts to retrieve remains of 3 more people who perished in the flight that crushed in Lake Nakuru are resumed after a short break.

Two bodies of the five bodies presumed to have been aboard have so far been extracted.

A crew of 40 with 8 boats from Kenya Nervy, Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha are in the site helping in the not-easy exercise.


The joy of life is living it to the fullest, the fullness of it is touring places that make life worth living. As I introduce the places and venues reviews hub in my blog, it’s a joy and pleasure take you through one of the best destinies in Makueni county headquarters.

Acacia Resort

Among other places in wote, this specific place has a name. A name worth protecting and keeping. The location is few yards off the main road in the entrance to the town, few meters from Ngooni hyper supermarket. The Human resource are kind, welcoming and smiling, right from the doorkeeper through the service crew. THE RESORT has conferencing and boarding facilities to suit meetings of all forms and types. One thing you must love about the place, are the well designed gazebos (Makutis) for refreshing outdoor casual meetings. The gazebos are well fitted with power sockets and with cosy furniture. The most amazing offer about them is that you don’t have to pay for them. Their meals are lusciously mouthwatering. Well served in the best attitude and delicious pudding. Amazingly, their prices are shockingly affordable. The normal 300ml soda that in most resorts go for at least ksh.150 go for only ksh.50. The next time you are visiting Wote, Makueni, Pay a visit to ACACIA RESORT.

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